Advertising is best when it's free right? Well you can put your wallet away, all advertising listed is free here. You can trust that if an advertising site is listed here, it is a good reccomended site with a helpful admin. These free advertising sites work well for promoting online business opportunities and affiliate marketing tools. These sites do allow affiliate programs which are sometimes frowned upon by certain types of advertising sites. You'll find a current list of our top tested free advertising sites on the top 5 free ad sites page.

It is important to note that the free traffic and advertising sites listed here are mostly what is called incentivized traffic. Meaning that those who visit your website are offered some type of incentive to do so, such as earning credits to be spent on traffic to thier site or other types of incentives. These sites are sometimes refered to as "surf for traffic" sites.
Some people claim that these sites are ineffective due to the fact that the other members are "only clicking for credits" and therefor do not care about your offers. However, these "other marketers" are in fact laser targeted opportunity seekers making them exactly the kind of internet users you are looking to meet up with and ultimatly share your opportunities with. If it is a good quality site, then any low response rate is offset by the highly targeted nature of the members. Advertising and marketing tools do very well, and these types of ad sites also work great for list building using opt in forms on capture pages. while directly posting business opportunities will take more hits to acheive the same results for, they still can be effective if the page and offer is compelling.

You should try the List Builders on the left side of this page if you need people to send emails to about your opportunity. Those programs also operate on a credit earning system so you can send emails to other members and come in handy if your personal mailing list is not as big as it needs to be.

Which Free Advertising Sites Work The Best?

The best advertising site that we at makemoneyteam have tested is Email-Hog. And a close second place now goes to EmailTrafficList, a similar site that is also very well run and designed.
Some of the sites that offer no cost advertising online are only free because they are totally ineffective However there are free advertising sites that can be effective, sometimes they can be more effective than some paid advertising services are if your offer is compelling. Such was the case with Email-Hog and EmailTrafficList when we tested them.

These sites are well worth your time However, it is also true that many, if not most free ad sites are a complete waste of time so really you are better off just sticking to the best advertising sites from each different traffic method. Some will reccomend that you join every advertising site out there and use them all simultaneously but really you should find the two or three BEST advertising sites and focus on getting the most out of those. You can look at the different types of no cost advertising and find the best classifieds, text ad exchanges, safelists and traffic exchanges that way you do not spread yourself too thin and waste time and effort in the ineffective sites. This is why this site was created, to help sort out the good advertising sites from the bad so as to save time and effort.

Whenever we discover a site that works well we add it here so check back now and again for new opportunities.
These advertising sites do help, however many people spend way too much time on them, when they really should be working on creating and promoting there own website.The Bottom line is that you need visitors from around the world and lots of them. No cost advertising can be very helpful, but there is no free advertising like the advertising that world-wide search engine traffic delivers. And search traffic is far more responsive than any other type of traffic. Plain and simple the visitors are a higher quality, stay on your site longer and are more likely to engage fully at your site.
So really, free advertising sites are just a band-aid, a temporary solution while you work on building your website and also accumilating natural, "organic" search traffic.

If you know of a good advertising site or resource we would love any suggestions you may have. We are always looking for free stuff to offer here at MMT so your suggestions are welcome. You can email them to the email address at the bottom area of this page, or join us on Twitter to share ideas or you can leave a post on our MakeMoneyTeam Facebook page..

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